Application of the PDD1/2 Algorithm to Position Control of Serial Robots

L. Bruzzone and G. Bozzini (Italy)


Robot control, fractional calculus, PDD1/2control


Fractional calculus (FC) is a possible extension of classical mathematics. It has been studied theoretically since the eighteenth century, but its applications are recent. The paper discusses the use of FC in robotics, and in particular the effects of replacing the traditional PD control scheme with the PDD1/2 scheme; this is an evolution of the PD control, characterized by a third gain which multiplies the half-derivative of the error. The PDD1/2 position control of a 2R robot is investigated, considering three possible schemes: the joint-based control, the inverse Jacobian control and the transpose Jacobian control. The simulation results show that the half-derivative term allows to reduce the tracking error only if the PDD1/2 loop is placed in the inner part of the control layout, as in the joint-based control and in the inverse Jacobian control.

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