Elastic Balancing of a SCARA-like Hybrid Industrial Manipulator

L. Bruzzone and G. Bozzini (Italy)


Modelling of Robots and Mechatronic Devices,Elastic Balancing, Energetic Efficiency


The paper deals with the effectiveness of the elastic balancing of industrial manipulators from an energetic point of view, with reference to a novel SCARA-like hybrid robot. The static balancing of industrial manipulators allows to eliminate the quota of motor moments that is originated by the gravity force. If the static balancing is achieved by means of linear springs, the compensation of the gravitational effects is exact only in one robot configuration. Therefore, the profitability of the elastic balancing from an energetic point of view is not obvious and has to be investigated; the effects of the static balancing on the overall electrical energy consumption of the manipulator are evaluated by multibody simulation and the results are presented.

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