A New Loop-Shaping Procedure of LQ-PI Controller Tuning for TITO System

H.K. Shin, J.H. Yang, and B.S. Suh (Korea)


Decentralized PI control, Loop-Shaping, MultivariableSystem, LQR, Peak Gain, Optimization


This paper presents a new loop-shaping procedure of decentralized PI (Proportional plus integral) controller tuning for TITO (Two Input-Two Output) second order system to meet the design specifications. The tuning method is developed by establishing the relationships between the closed-loop state equation including decentralized PI control factors and the closed-loop state equation of LQR (Linear Quadratic Regulator), which can be guaranteed the performance and stability-robustness. The tuning parameters of PI controller are determined by the weighting matrix Q and R of the cost function in order to satisfy such frequency design specifications as good command following, good disturbance rejection, and good noise attenuation as well as to consider such a time domain design specification as peak gain.

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