Comparison of Predictive and Fuzzy Control of Inverted Pendulum

P. Chalupa and B. Řezníček(Czech Republic)


State space model, Inverted Pendulum, Predictive control,Fuzzy control


The paper is focused on creating a model of Inverted pendulum system and subsequent usage of this model to design a predictive controller of inverted pendulum system. The model is created on the basis of mathematical physical analysis of the system. Unknown parameters of the model are obtained from real-time experiments on the PS600 Inverted pendulum system. The model was created with respect to most nonlinearities contained in the system. Nonlinearities are caused by fundamental principles of the system and by friction between individual parts of the system. Thus, the model is highly non-linear and therefore linearization around working point was performed and continuous linearized model was calculated as well as its discrete version. The discrete linear model was used to design predictive controller which was also verified by real time experiments. Contrary, the system was controlled by fuzzy controller which does to require mathematical model of the pendulum. Advantages and disadvantages of both control approaches are compared in the paper.

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