Siting and Sizing of Distributed Generation using Three New Indices

M.J. Jahromi, M.H. Haque, and K.J. Tseng (Singapore)


Distributed Generation, Voltage Sag, Power Quality,Genetic Algorithm, MV Distribution Networks.


Increasing use of Distributed Generators (DG) in conventional power systems, calls for the evaluation of various indices of the system to make sure that the DGs contribute to improve the overall system performance. This paper proposes a technique based on Genetic Algorithm (GA) for finding the optimal siting and sizing of DGs in a medium voltage (MV) distribution system to improve the system voltage profile. The effects of the placement of DGs are evaluated through three arbitrary indices limited by the imposition of economic and DG size and penetration constraints. The indices are Average Falling Time (AFT), Average Raising Time (ART), and Average Maximum Voltage Drop (AMVD) which impart the measure of voltage quality under load transfer, load addition and load rejection cases. The performance of the proposed technique is then evaluated on modified IEEE 13 and 37 node test feeders. It is found that furthest branches with higher load levels are the appropriate location for DG installation and can improve the aforementioned indices quite significantly.

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