Some Characteristics of Heat Production by Stationary Parabolic, Cylindrical Solar Concentrator

M. Bojić, N. Marjanović, I. Miletić, A. Mitić, and V. Stefanović (Serbia)


Solar energy, Concentrator, Reflector


Stationary parabolic, cylindrical solar concentrator for heat production consists of the absorber (with water pipes) and parabolic, cylindrical reflector (with metal surface) and has geometrical concentration ratio up to 4. For the concentrator of CP-0A type with infinite length, the paper presents investigation how direct solar radiation approaches the concentrator aperture and the concentrator reflector by computer software CATIA. The solar ray either hits directly absorber or bounces one or several time from the concentrator reflector. In addition the paper would present results of efficiency of use of light rays at concentrator as a function of angles of incident of solar rays and type of reflector surface.

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