Flexible Assembly Inspection for Seat Frame using Machine Vision

B.-M. Chung, I.-J. Yeo, B.-S. So, and S.-H. Lee (Korea)


Seat frame; Flexible inspection; Machine vision;Assembly


Automobile world market is highly competitive today. In order to strengthen the competitiveness, quality of automobile is recognized as important and efforts are being made to improve the quality of manufactured components. Despite rapid development of inspection devices using the vision system, there are few inspection systems for vehicle’s parts. The reason is that the inspection with only one camera is nearly impossible because the vehicle parts are three-dimensional and large size unlike the semiconductors or IT devices. The seat frame is one of the typical vehicle’s parts, has various models, and is assembled more than 20 accessories. This paper suggests a flexible assembly inspection system through the following procedures. First, the inspection method is standardized so that the system can cope with not only several current models but also latent models in the future. Next, the problems checking the existence of assembly parts within certain error range are solved. Finally, the problem for the variation of illumination by the fluctuating light is also solved.

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