CommonKADS Modelling of an Intelligent System for Personalised Sports Advising

E. Mosqueira-Rey, A. Fernández-Leal, E. Rodríguez-Poch, V. Moret-Bonillo, D. Alonso-Ríos, B. Baldonedo del Río, and E. Soto-Martínez (Spain)


Intelligent Systems, CommonKADS, and Sports Advising


Personalised Sports Advising is a process that consists of advising the users of a sport facility in choosing the most appropriate type of exercise given their physical condition and their circumstances. The problems that arise when trying to develop the process of Personalised Sport Advising are: the low instructor/users ratio, ad-hoc work plan development and how to attend user with physical or functional alterations. An intelligent decision support system has been developed to address these issues. The system automates most of the tasks carried out by the instructors of the sports facility in order to establish and develop work plans and exercise programs. In this paper the modelling of the intelligent system using the CommonKADS methodology is presented and a few details about the implementation are explained.

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