Mining Haul Truck Localization using Stereo Vision

J.R. Borthwick, P.D. Lawrence, and R.H. Hall (Canada)


Haul Truck Localization, Mine Safety, IndustrialAutomation, Computer Vision, Telerobotics


Earthmoving at surface mines centers around very large excavators (mining shovels) that remove material and place it into haul trucks. This paper presents the current state of development of the hardware and software components of a novel real time stereo vision-based method for determining the relative positions of a full-size mining shovel and a haul truck. The truck localization method involves a simple but effective modiļ¬cation to known iterative closest point (ICP) methods. Camera errors, ICP matching errors and computation time are reported. The final system will be used to assist the operator to help reduce or eliminate shovel-truck collisions and injurious loading errors.

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