The Benefit of Multimodal Telepresence for In-Space Robotic Assembly

E. Stoll and D. Kwon (USA)


Multimodal, Telepresence, In-space robotic assembly,On-orbit servicing, Haptics, Free flyer


Multimodal telepresence systems are often used for terrestrial applications but they not yet are practically applied in space. The deployment of robots with visual as well as haptic feedback for servicing operations in space is a valuable addition to the existing autonomous systems since it will provide flexibility and robustness in mission operations. The operator on Earth will no longer be a pure observer but will have the capability of real-time interaction with the space environment. For demonstrating the feasibility and showing the benefits of multimodal space applications a test environment is being developed, which is based on the SPHERES nano-satellite testbed at the MIT Space Systems Laboratory.

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