Daily Perception-Assist for an Upper-Limb Power-Assist Exoskeleton

K. Kiguchi, M. Liyanage, Y. Kose, Y. Hayashi (Japan), and D. Jeon (Korea)


Exoskeleton, Power-assist, Perception-assist, EMGsignals


This paper presents a method of perception-assist with the generated environmental map for an upper-limb power assist exoskeleton in order to help elderly persons perform daily activities. The proposed exoskeleton can assist not only the motion of the user but also the perception of the user by using the environmental information obtained by the sensors of the exoskeleton. When the user is going to interact with the environment, the trajectory of the user’s hand can be modified three-dimensionally based on the environmental data if there are any problems in the user’s motion. The effectiveness of the proposed method was evaluated by performing experiments.

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