Analyzing UAV Missions in a Scaled Environment: Experimental Results

K.W. Sevcik, J.T. Hing, and P.Y. Oh (USA)


Robotics, Unmanned and Underwater Vehicles


UAV research has grown significantly over the past 10 years, developing well defined areas of study with many active research efforts. More often than not, a single objective has been investigated with different platforms, control algorithms and sensors. To judge and compare these different solutions, there must be a common testing environment. However, logistical issues make this almost impossible, giving little or no basis for comparison. This paper presents a testing facility that can be quickly outfitted with different aircraft models, control algorithms and sensors. A 6 DOF gantry surrounding a scaled urban environment allows for control algorithms to be tested against real sensor data. The environmental conditions in the facility can be adjusted in a controlled, repeatable manner. Results from scaled tests are shown to match full scale computer simulation. Also, preliminary tests show how the facility can be used to test varied environmental conditions.

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