Design and Control of a Quasi-Omnidirectional Mobile Robot F.A.A.K.

I. Masar (Germany)


quasi-omnidirectional mobile robot, neuro-fuzzy controller


During the last years, the quasi-omnidirectional mobile robots have been recognized as a very progressive trend in the development of mobile robots. In contrast to conventional omnidirectional robots, that realize an omnidirectional motion using a special wheels, quasi-omnidirectional mobile robots use a special motion mechanism, which is able to change its conīŦguration according to performed motion type. To investigate the properties and possible application areas of such class of mobile robots, we have developed a quasi-omnidirectional mobile robot F.A.A.K. and designed several methods for its control and path planning. In our contribution, we introduce the construction and motion abilities of the proposed robot. Furthermore, we present a neuro-fuzzy controller with self-learning capability used for robot motion control along a given trajectory.

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