Exploiting E-Infrastructures for Medical Image Storage and Analysis: A Grid Application for Mammography CAD

R.R. Pollán, M. Rubio del Solar, J.M. Franco Valiente, J. Engelmo Moriche (Spain), N. Gonzalez de Posada, J.A. Valdes Torres, M.A. Pires Vaz, and M.A. Guevara López (Portugal)


Biomedical Computing, Health Care Information SystemsGrid, CAD, Mammography


This paper presents a Digital Repositories Infrastructure (DRI) software platform that simplifies the management of digitalized content and metadata stored on Grid, exploiting its features such as strong security contexts, data federation and large storage and computing capacities. The DRI proposed here includes repository browsing tools, a custom made viewer and a mammograms analysis graphical interface. In general, DRI offers an easy and intuitive interaction model with content stored on the Grid and it also constitutes the foundation to build specific domain applications. In this context, we developed an experimental Grid application in Mammography Computer-Aided Diagnosis (CAD) including a general framework that supports all its stages (image processing, segmentation, training, classification, etc) allowing semiautomatic classification of digital mammograms.

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