An Unobtrusive System for Sleep Monitoring based on EMFI Sensor

L. Latour, A. de Baynast, and A. Gefflaut (Germany)


Ballistocardiogram, EMFI Sensor, Sleep Monitoring.


Monitoring body movements and vital parameters during sleep provides crucial information regarding the general health of a subject, and can therefore be used to detect trends leading to severe illnesses such as dementia or heart defects. With the development of new sensors and the general improvement in computing power, ballistocardiography has been recently revived and is again seen as a promising technology specifically for heart rate monitoring. In this paper, we present a low-cost, low-complexity, unobtrusive system for assessing the heart rate, the breathing rate, the body movement and the sleep type based on the signal from an EMFI sensor. All algorithms have been implemented on an iMote2 wireless module that sends the estimated values of the aforementioned quantities to a server or a remote computer using the .NET Microframework SDK. We validated our test-bed results by comparing with a more sophisticated and costly system, Embla N7000. The proposed system paves the way for affordable large scale epidemiology studies of health parameters during sleep using unobtrusive sensors.

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