Adaptive Controller for a Tactile Surgical Navigation System

S.A. Mungwe and A. Hein (Germany)


Computer Aided Surgery, Tactile Display, Surgical Navigation, Adaptive Controller


The key point of this research is the development of a fast tracker for time variations in a tactile surgical navigation system. The idea is to control a human's movement as a response to the presentation of a vibrotactile stimulus. The results of the study will be used to improve an already proposed navigation system to be used in computer aided surgery. The concept behind this navigation system is to aid the surgeon by providing navigation information through a vibrotactile display in addition to visual support. The information is transmitted to the surgeon through integrated tactors which represent movement directions. The adaptive control algorithm used is the so called adaptive interaction. A positioning experiment has been performed to test the adaptive controller and results show a great improvement as compared to a classical PID controller.

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