Correlation between Characteristics of Trabeculae and Osteoporosis using Morphological Analysis from Radiographic Images

S.M. Kim, S.G. Roh, Y.M. Ro, and J.H. Lee (Korea)


Digital radiograph image, Morphological Analysis,Osteoporosis, skeletonization, Fractal Dimension,Trabeculae


This Study aims to examine the correlation between the characteristics of trabeculae through structural analysis of femoral bone from radiographic image. With 34 females (average age of 62.1 years) and 6 males (average age of 60.7 years) who received osteoporosis related examination chosen as subjects and were categorized into normal group and osteoporosis group in accordance with the T-score of the average value of the measurement of the bone density of femoral bone measured with DEXA (Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry). ROI (Region of interests) was selected and characteristics of trabeculae were analyzed by using the skeletonization of fractal analysis and trabeculae image in order to examine the correlation with osteoporosis. The result of measurement of configuration of the bone displayed statistically significant correlation between Neck cortical thickness, Shaft cortical thickness (Medial) and Shaft cortical thickness (Lateral) with BMD average (T-score). In addition, only the trabeculae area among the 5 structural indices displayed statistically significant correlation with BMD average (T-score). This research shows significant correlation of the morphological characteristics analysis of bone from the femoral radiographic images with BMD.

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