Design of Efficient Wireless Links for Invasive Biomedical Microdevices

D.P.S. Ferreira, B.N. Lourenço, F.J.O. Rodrigues, and P.M. Mendes (Portugal)


Wireless links, biomedical microdevices, antenna miniaturization.


Nowadays the importance of miniaturized devices in healthcare system is increasing. Those miniaturized has to include many sensing and actuating functionalities, as well the ability to communicate with remote devices. When they are placed inside the human body, they must use a wireless link operating at low frequencies, due to high tissue attenuation. To achieve that, a miniaturized antenna must be used, which leads to reduced antenna efficiency. Since those devices must operate on limited power supplied by batteries, the wireless link must be designed for efficiency, where the antenna must also be included. This paper compares the two most used antenna solutions (inductive coupling and resonating antennas) with a new proposed MEMS antenna in order to evaluate the most appropriated for invasive biomedical microdevices.

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