A New High Performance Electrothermal Mechanism for Neural Probe Relocation

S. Zargar Ershadi, H. Veladi, and M. Rad Malek Shahi (Iran)


Biomechanic, Micro-Technology and BioMEMS,Reconfigurable Neural Probe, Implantable Neural Prosthesis


We have proposed a new method for neural probe repositioning, using a high precision mechanically controllable microstructure. The method involves efficient electrothermal driving of probes, and a bidirectional operation has been provided. At the same time, the mechanism design is quite simple to reduce the fabrication costs. This can facilitate commercial application of this type of devices. Also a push and latch scheme has been implemented for the device operation using two set of similar actuator, which enhance power consumption and also reduce reverse sliding effects. Our simulation estimates a 150 mw consumption for a step movement of 1.9 μm.

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