On Scheduling Algorithm for End-to-End QoS over IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks

J.-H. Jeon, H.-J. Lee, T. Kim, C.-W. Park, and J.-T. Lim (Korea)


Modeling, Simulation, IEEE 802.16, Scheduling


There are several centralized scheduling schemes in IEEE 802.16 mesh networks to guarantee the various quality of service (QoS) requirements. However, in the view of each flow, they do not provide the end-to-end QoS or do not utilize the network capacity efficiently. In this paper, we newly propose a centralized scheduling algorithm based on the flows’ QoS requirements. Specifically, for real-time flows, we allocate the granted time slots by using the pro posed cost function to guarantee the delay and throughput requirements. Also, for non-real-time flows, we allocate the granted time slots to achieve the fairness among the non-real-time flows. Through the simulation results, we investigate the performance of the proposed scheduling al gorithm and compare it with the other existing algorithms.

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