Periodic Robust Magnetic Attitude Control of Low Earth Orbit Small Satellite

P. Artitthang, V. Malyavej, and M. Aorpimai (Thailand)


Attitude control, Small satellite, Robust control.


In this paper, we consider the periodic robust controller for attitude control of satellites in low-earth orbit (LEO). An 3-axis Magnetic torquer is assumed to be the only actuator available for the control task. The proposed linear peri odic control scheme is based on a periodic modeling of the Earth’s magnetic field. Deviation of the actual geomagnetic field from the nominal model is considered as structured uncertainty that satisfies an integral quadratic constraint. The proposed controller is, therefore, robust against input torque uncertainty which is suitable for practical applica tion. The control scheme has been verified via a computer simulation. A scenario where a small satellite is orbiting in circular LEO environment is assumed. The results show that the performance of the proposed periodic controller is better than conventional optimal controller both on error suppression ability and less power consumption.

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