Ethno-Grid, A Supporting Technology for E-Culture

S. Cahya and H. Suhartanto (Indonesia)


Modelling, identification, e-culture, data grid.


Since the last few years, E-culture - a new term that describes the Information Communication Technology (ICT) roles in humanities has been introduced. E Culture is an application that applies ICT for culture. Cultural heritage is a material culture or cultural artefact which functions as national or ethnic identity. It also has economic value such as tourism industry. Meanwhile, Culture itself is a complex and dynamically evolving system. A country that has many and heterogeneous ethnic groups -such as Indonesia- needs to manage its cultural artifacts. In this paper, Ethno-Grid which is a grid computing based technology is proposed. It acts as a supporting infrastructure in E-Culture. The architecture of Ethno-Grid consists of some major module services such as those for archaeological, linguistic, and cultural applications.

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