Mathematical Simulation of Fluid Distribution in Thermal Flow Reversal Reactor for Lean Methane Oxidation

Z. Gao, R. Liu, Y. Liu, and Z. Li (PRC)


Waste products as fuel, lean methane, thermal flow reversal reactor, distribution


Thermal flow reversal reactor is proper for lean methane oxidation. The velocity distribution in porous zone is very important. Both too high and too low velocity might lead to extinction. It’s hard for nonuniform velocity field distributing in the domain where the reactor can be operated. Results of simulation concerning fluid distribution in thermal flow reversal reactor for lean methane oxidation are presented. Maximum non uniformity index and Mean non-uniformity index were defined, and influence of structure parameters and inlet velocity were discussed. Results show that the height of headers has the greatest influence on fluid distribution. The higher the headers are, the more uniform the velocity field is.

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