Research on Locational Marginal Price based on OPF with Wind Farms in Power Market

L. Xiao, R. Ma, and Y. Li (PRC)


wind farms; jacobian matrix ;optimal power flow; locational marginal price;


In this paper, a method which calculated the Locational marginal price (LMP) considering the randomness of the wind based on OPF with the wind farm is proposed. According to Wei-bull distribution based on wind speed, the average mechanical power of wind turbines was found. The slip of the wind turbines is added in the traditional OPF model as a new state variable, and the new OPF model is built by adding upper and lower limits of the slip and balance equations of the average mechanical power of wind turbines and electromagnetic power. Because of the change in the state, the balance equation and the constraints, the Jacobian matrix and Lagrange multipliers have changed in the OPF calculation. Consequently, the infection of electricity from Weibull wind speed was reflected in all nodes price information. New England 10 machine 39-node example has been simulates and it shown the effectiveness of the model and the method.

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