What Effects do Oscillation Parameters Depend on for Modeling Kinesthesis?

R.M. Kiss (Hungary)


Ultrasound-based measuring system, kinaesthetics, proprioception, swing parameters


In order to analyze the kinaesthesis of motion, the author used a ZEBRIS ultrasound-based measuring system with single active markers. The provocation test, when the plate is suddenly swivelled out with a provocation unit, can model the equilibration ability of the person being investigated. In this study the oscillation (swing) characteristics of 45 healthy, young subjects, 11 professional handball players, 20 elderly, healthy subjects, and 20 patients with hip osteoarthritis were identified in terms of provocation. The oscillation (swing) characteristics of provocation were identified by average logarithmic decrement, Lehr s damping ratio, frequency and own frequency. Kinaesthesis can be described by analyzing the results of the measurements performed. Oscillation parameters depend on lateral dominance, on age, on the grade of sporting, and on orthopaedical diseases.

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