A Linguistic Approach to the Analysis of Accelerometer Data for Gait Analysis

A. Sant'Anna and N. Wickström (Sweden)


Gait analysis, accelerometers, non-invasive measurements


There is evidence that many cognitive conditions affect the human motor system. Gait analysis has lately been used as a means of studying this physical-cognitive correlation. The development of gait analysis systems, able to record and analyze gait during normal daily activities and in uncontrolled environment, is an important addition to this area of research. Lately, linguistic approaches have been studied as means to achieve activity classification from vision sensors. The present work aims to extend the linguistic approach to achieve quantitative analysis of gait from accelerometer data. The proposed method can be used to extend the Human Activity Language framework to include the analysis of inertial sensors such as accelerometers. Results show that the proposed method is more accurate and robust than previous methods and can be used to extract a number of clinically relevant gait measurements. A novel symmetry index is presented to exemplify how the proposed method is able to extract more information from accelerometer signals than previous methods.

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