Application of UPFC to Control Power Flow in a Part of Libyan 220 kv Transmission System

Sadek M. Alkiesh, Ibrahim M. Shlaibek, and Omar G.A. Mrehel


FACTS devices, UPFC, Compensation devices, Line loaded problems


The UPFC is the mostly common and complex power electronic equipment used to control the power flow through transmission systems. This paper presents the application of this technology to control the power flow in a part of the Libyan 220 kv ring around Tripoli centre and specifically to reduce the loading of a highly loaded transmission line in this network. A model for the UPFC which is available in MATLAB was used in this study. The best location for the UPFC was selected and tested for normal and abnormal conditions. The results showed that the UPFC can be used to solve the problems related to transmission lines loading.

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