The Reliable Data Set Construction for Power System Operation using State Estimation

Byoung-Ho Kim, Hongrae Kim, and Junmin Cha


state estimation, bad data processing, observability analysis, measurement calibration


The EMS (energy management system) is playing an important part in the operation and control of modern electric power systems. A state estimation is a critical function among the other application programs found in the EMS. This paper presents our experiences on the operation of the state estimator in the Republic of Korea. All of the facilities in the system have been modeled in detail and the relevant equations have been fully derived in order to achieve exact system solutions. This paper explains the system models and the functions of the state estimator in regards to such things as bad data processing, observability analysis, etc. In addition, the bad data types obtained during bad data processing are presented; the continuous measurement errors can be calibrated through state estimator.

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