Development of Automotive DC/DC Converter based Centralised Architecture

Mohamed A. Shrud, Ahmad H. Kharaz, Amar Bousbaine, and Ahmed Faris


Automotive power system, dc-to-dc power converter, electrical loads


This paper presents the technical development, modeling, analysis and simulation of a 42V/14V dc/dc converter based architecture for dual/high voltage automotive electrical power system. It overcomes some of the limitations of traditional automotive electrical power system topology that use 14V power net. The proposed system simulation model composed of a 4kW/42V power generation system buffered by a 36V energy storage battery and a 1kW/14V interleaved six-phase buck converter. The effectiveness of the developed model of the complete dc/dc converter-based centralised system architecture is verified through simulation results using control-oriented simulator, MatLab/Simulink.

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