Main Characteristics in E-Learning Platforms: A Qualitative Study in the Software House Sector

Marco De Marco, Maria Ferrara, Paola Briganti, Luisa Varriale, and Emanuele Pucci


E-learning platform, educational services, software house companies


This study focuses on factors that affect software house organizations in order to design and develop effective e-learning platforms. We base on the main studies on e-learning topic to evidence which characteristics e-learning platforms need to present in order to offer very useful and competitive learning and training services supported by technology. In the last decades many organizations, especially public institutions, face greater difficulties, in particular in terms of costs, to achieve educational requirements. These organizations are forced to ensure their services adopting an alternative educational model compared with traditional face-to-face learning. Based on a qualitative approach, we investigate the case of “Teleskill” in Italy. The study highlights the main characteristics of e-learning platforms to successfully design and develop them.

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