Design of SPSGs with Fractional-Slot Concentrated Windings and Comparison Over Conventional SPSGs

Tayfun Gundogdu, Guven Komurgoz, and Burcu Mantar


Synchronous generators, FSCW, ignition, combustion characteristics


In this paper; design, analysis and comparison of salient-pole synchronous generators (SPSG) with Conventional Slot Distributed Winding Technique (CSDW) and Fractional Slot Concentrated Winding Technique (FSCW) is investigated. One possible way to acquire a lighter, more economical and highly-efficient SPSGs with a quite simple structure without reducing the output power is to increase the inductance of the machine and permeability of the poles by using the technique of FSCWs. This paper presents a detailed comparison between the designed SPSGs' performance characteristics, including wave form of the induced voltage and current, weight and cost of the machines, machine losses and the saturation effects.

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