Development of a Gravity-based Tidal Current Power Plant

Shujie Wang, Peng Yuan, and Junzhe Tan


Tidal current energy, power coefficient, ocean energy, horizontal axis turbine


Adapting to the actual conditions of the tidal current energy resources in Northern China, which has the features of relatively low velocity and shallow water, a kind of gravity-based tidal current energy converters was developed. Two full-scale 50kW horizontal axis tidal current turbines were produced. Tower typed gravity-based supporting structure of the turbine was adopted in order to fit for the real situations of the sea area where the power plant would build. To ensure the stability of the supporting structure, numerical simulation was carried out by using the wave theory and CFD method. Then combined effect of wave load and current load on the device was discussed. Moreover, offshore construction plan of the device including towing, deployment, recovery and maintenance was presented, reliability and the ability of anti sliding or overturning during the operation period was assessed to ensure safety of deployment and running. A tidal current power plant has been constructed based on technology presented in this paper.

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