Optimal Location of Fast Cut Back Thermal Power Units for Minimizing Power System Restoration Time

Haoming Liu, Jian Ning, En Lu, Ning Wang, and Yunhe Hou


Power system restoration, fast cut back (FCB) thermal power units, unit location, particle swarm optimization (PSO)


Fast cut back (FCB) thermal power units can be used as blackstart units to boot up the power system restoration after a blackout event in the power grid without hydropower units. On the basis of analyzing the important role of FCB units in restoring a power system, the optimal location and capacities of FCB units are determined using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm for minimizing the system restoration time with some constraints such as units’ characteristics and lines’ charging time. The simulation results of the New England 10-unit 39-bus power system prove that reasonable location of FCB units based on the optimization method proposed can significantly reduce the system restoration time.

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