Partial Discharge Measurement Technique with AE and HFCT for Transformer

Urairat Fuangsoongnern, Winai Plueksawan, and Kittimasak Tikakosol


Partial Discharge, Oil Type Transformer, Dry Type Transformer, Acoustic Emission


This paper proposes a measurement technique to identify and locate the occurrence of partial discharge (PD) in the insulation of oil immersed and dry type distribution transformers. With reference to IEEE Std. C57.127-2007, four acoustic transducers type PD-TP500A were used to locate PD and one HFCT (High frequency current transducer) was used to identify PD. This process could accurately identify and locate the source of PD occurring at any position in a distribution transformer. The result of the findings enabled us to prevent damage and deploy defensive maintenance measure on the distribution transformer in time.

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