A Probabilistic Approach based on Multidimensional Fibonacci Search for Optimal PMU Placement in a Power System

Nirod C. Sahoo, Kaveri Mahapatra, Manas R. Nayak, and Pravat K. Rout


Phasor measurement units, Optimal PMU placement, Power system observability, environmental


This paper presents a new optimization algorithm for the PMU placement problem of a power system. Determination of optimal number and locations for installation of PMUs in a power system is a discrete optimization problem. A probabilistic approach based on multidimensional Fibonacci Search has been developed for simulating the decision making process in each search step of the optimization problem. The resulting solution representing the optimal set ensures full observability under normal as well as various contingency conditions such as any line outage and PMU outage conditions. To justify the performance of the proposed methodology, the results obtained from the standard IEEE Test systems are illustrated and compared with those of other recent publications.

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