All-Electric Experimental Twin Houses: The Ultimate Demand Management TestingTool

Celyn Le Bel and Sylvain Gelinas


Demand management, residential energy consumption, power demand, whole-house approach


The objective of this paper is to present Hydro-Quebec's new test bench: a pair of identical all-electric cottages built at its research laboratory's site (LTE) and how it could be the ultimate demand management testing tool! In regions, like Quebec, where electricity is the main source of energy for space and water heating, every single use of energy inside a house has an impact on the space heating load (internal heat gain) and thus, the most efficient way, for the utility, to estimate the effect of a demand management strategy is to take the whole-house approach. In addition, the global approach allows seeing the side effects generated by some equipment that would otherwise be missed; e.g. how the utilisation of the kitchen hood increases the space heating load in the garage. The twin houses have been used to study the energy consumption and demand impacts of thermostat setbacks, clothes dryer, kitchen hood and mechanical ventilation; an overview of these tests will be presented here.

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