Real-Time Optimal Active Power Control for Virtual Power Plant

Yang Yuan, Zhinong Wei, Xiaolu Li, Kwok W. Cheung, Fan Chen, Guoqiang Sun, Yonghui Sun, Xiong Yang, and Zigang Lu


Distributed power generation, power economics, virtual power plant, real-time control, efficiency optimization


Considering the emergence of more and more distribute generation (DG) units and based on the conception of virtual power plant (VPP), this paper aims to illustrate two kinds of real time control strategy in dispatching active power among DG units. One is the simplicity automatic control approach, and the other is the efficiency automatic control approach. The optimization accounting for the DG capacity constraints, and equilibrium between generated power and load, is well solved by the interior-point approach. It can be concluded from the simulation results that, by using the efficiency automatic control approach, the efficiency of VPP including three DG units could be significantly improved compared to the using of simplicity automatic control approach.

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