Parametric Sensitivity of the Output Voltage Distortion of Solar-to-Grid Multilevel Inverters

Lance Dofflemyer and Bill M. Diong


Multilevel inverter, staircase modulation, total harmonic distortion


Using inverters to produce AC voltage from DC sources, such as solar panels, results in undesired waveform distortion. For staircase-modulated multilevel inverters, reducing this distortion to below the limits for grid power is achieved by having an adequate number of output voltage levels, and by controlling the output voltage's step-angles and voltage-levels. This paper describes research to determine which step-angles and voltage-levels are more critical to the distortion, how much deviation from their optimal values is tolerable for each step-angle and voltage-level, and how much deviation (on a uniform basis) is allowed for these waveform parameters before the voltage distortion limits are exceeded.

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