Power Failure Avoidance Technology based on On-Line State Estimation

Yan Yang, Chaopu Meng, Xiaoguang Wu, He He, and Tian Gao


Failure Avoidance, Adaptive Adjusting the Stress, Reliability, Time Between Failures, Computation


This paper focuses on the active power failure avoidance technology to improve the power supply reliability. With this technology, the tendency of failure occurrence can be judged by monitoring the working state of power supply; then, the working state can be changed through adjustment of the stress it bears so that the potential failure can be got rid of under the control of new parameters and the normal working state can be recovered, thus to realize “failure avoidance”. This technology allows reliable working of power supply in harsh environments, and is capable of reducing the failure rate of power supply under normal use and prolonging the no-failure working time of power supply; therefore, it is particularly ideal for applications demanding high power supply reliability.

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