Visualizing Energy Data and Seeing the Whole Picture of Energy in Guatemala

Leonel V. Morales, Krista I. Aguilar, and Juan A. Ponciano


Energy Flow Analysis, Energy Data Visualization, Energy Flow Diagram, Guatemala


Taking several visualizations produced by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory for US country-wide energy use as examples, we explored the possibility of designing and assembling a custom visualization of the energy data provided by the Ministry of Energy – the national energy agency – of Guatemala. We found that energy data is consistently collected and regularly published in Guatemala but the reports seldom include graphics and analysis that tell the full story of energy for each time lapse with little to none consideration for the lay reader. In this paper we present preliminary results about the designed visualizations and explain the procedure followed to construct and validate each one of them. As the project evolved we found that the need for this type of representations of energy data is felt not only in our country but in most of Latin America. Efforts to fulfill that need were identified and coordination with them has started.

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