Optimal Parameterization for the Kneed Passive Dynamic Biped Robot

Cuauhtémoc Morales-Cruz and Carlos A. Cruz-Villar


Dynamic Bipedal Walking, Limit Cycle, Parametric Optimization, Differential Evolution


The study of dynamic bipedal robots has shown some configurations which are able to walk with a periodic gait on a slope with an appropriate angle, without any actuation. And the characteristics of the gait cycle are closely associated with the geometry and dynamics of the system. This paper aims at designing a passive bipedal robot as an optimization problem in order to obtain the parameters which produce a periodic and symmetric gait. Additionally, it has been required that the robot to move a load specified by the user. The sought parameters are the size of the system, the location and the measurement of the mass center. And the optimization problem is carried out using the Differential Evolution Algorithm. Finally, a comparison between no optimal and optimal results are presented, via some simulations.

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