On Analysis of the Trajectories of a Class of Fourth Order Nonlinear Systems Controlled by Output Feedback

Javier Moreno-Valenzuela and Carlos Aguilar-Avelar


Nonlinear systems, Trajectory tracking control, Output feedback, Uniformly ultimately bounded signal


This paper introduces new theory on analysis of the trajectories of a class of single--input single--output (SISO) fourth order nonlinear systems which is controlled by using output feedback. The studied system is written in terms of the tracking error, which is defined as the difference between the desired state trajectory and the actual trajectory, while the output is defined as the linear combination of the tracking error. Essentially, the main result is to prove that the asymptotic convergence of the output implies that the error state trajectories are uniformly ultimately bounded (UUB). Our theoretical results are complemented with an application of the theory to the tracking control of a Furuta pendulum. Detailed numerical simulations are presented.

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