Design of Resilient General Criteria Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Uncertainties

Fan Feng, Winston A. Baker, Jr., Edwin E. Yaz, and Susan C. Schneider


Resilient controller design, Robust controller design


A resilient and robust state feedback control scheme is proposed to control a large class of uncertain nonlinear systems with locally conic type of nonlinearities and driven by finite energy disturbances. Resilience property is achieved by satisfying various performance requirements in the presence of bounded perturbations in the feedback gain. System models are also allowed to contain a high degree of uncertainty involving perturbations in the center and the radius of the cone in which the nonlinearity resides that result in a robust design. Linear matrix inequality (LMI) techniques are used in the mathematical formulation. Various commonly used performance criteria are treated in a unified framework. Illustrative examples are included to demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed methodology and to compare the relative performance of the controllers.

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