Unmanned Underwater Target Detection Platform based on Underwater Laser Gated System

Hongyu Bian, Ziqi Song, and Zhigang Zhang


Applications, Underwater Laser Image, VxWorks, Unmanned System


Low quality of underwater acoustic images poses difficulties for machine vision. In some applications, this may be further complicated by the presence of unwanted objects, such as fish or other marine animals. We propose an unmanned system that can acquire underwater images of interested targets by using underwater laser. An underwater laser gated system is employed to catch real-time underwater laser images. VxWorks is running on an embedded platform and in charge of controlling the whole system. Algorithms for image processing and self-adjustment are implanted in the BSP for VxWorks, which enables the system to self-regulate in order to acquire better images of ROI. A PC can be used as an optional unit to watch the real-time result images and offer users an interface to fully control the system.

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