Development of HAUV's Test-Bed using the Azimuth Thruster

Seol B. Bae, Dong H. Shin, Sang-Tae Cha, Woon-Kyung Baek, and Moon G. Joo


HAUV, test-bed, RTU, posture control, projection order


In this paper, we discuss the development of test-bed prior to the development of HAUV (hovering autonomous underwater vehicle). The test-bed under development is comprised of RTU (rotating thruster unit), the main control unit, and the power unit. The RTU, consisting of azimuth thruster and motor control board, is an integrated-type thruster to operate the test-best by controlling the direction and the propulsion of the azimuth thruster. The main control unit consists of IMU, depth sensor, main PC, and navigation control & sensor processing board. The navigation control and sensor processing board collects data transmitted from the IMU and the depth sensor and performs high-speed calculations to apply the navigation system. The main PC transmits commands to the navigation control and sensor processing board as well as the motor control board, and engages in communication with the outside. The user performs real-time monitoring through communication with main PC. In the power unit, the power system considering emergency situations is applied. The power unit supplies power to RTU and the main control unit.

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