Learning Cloud Computing and Cloud Security By Simulation

Guillermo Francia, Chia-Tien D. Lo, Kai Qian, Ming Yang, and Xiaolin Hu


Cloud, computing, service, labware, CloudSim


Cloud computing is an emerging parallel and distributed service-oriented computing paradigm that provides platform service, software service, and infrastructure service through computing resource virtualization. Cloud computing is fast evolving and growing and is rapidly transforming the IT service industry. Many universities are offering or planning to offer cloud computing courses to meet the growing demand for cloud computing professionals. Some of them focus on big data processing programming using MapReduce with service charges from a public cloud service, while many others teach cloud computing as a seminar type class without any hands-on laboratory exercises. A hands-on labware will be a big plus for teaching and learning cloud computing. This paper proposes a cloud computing labware utilizing the open source CloudSim (Cloud modeling and simulation toolkit) and its extension projects to enhance learning among computer science and information technology students. The proposed labware will support learning, not only on the MapReduce programming model, but also on important topics including cloud principles, concepts, architecture, load balancing, and task scheduling.

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