Using the Lego® Mindstorms in Japanese Education to Solve the Problem of Disinterest in Science

Yoshito Nakajima, Abbas A. Hawsawi, Keishin Koh, and Norikane Kanai


Engineering education, LEGO® MINDSTORMS, Instrumentation and control, "HEMS", Smart house, Energy management


The education process is the main factor to develop and improve our life. It is also the base of any community. However, the education in Japan facing several crises that may threaten the education sites. One of the crises is “disinterest in science” that attract the attention recently. There are different movements that searching for keys to solve this problem. In this thesis we focused on the practical or hands-on learning by introducing systems that deal with the control engineering technology. The control engineering technology with it is different fields of studies has been one of the important pillars of development process. Since the establishment of the control system, there were different researches and studies had been held on this technology. Unfortunately, the practical learning materials that deals with the control engineering technology are insufficient. In this thesis we introducing a practical learning material that deals with several types of control to support the student.

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