Let's Learn: Co-Designing Learning Games with Pupils

Massimo Deriu, Selene Uras, Gian Maria Simbula, Daniele Ardu, and Gavino Paddeu


User Experience Design, Interaction Design, Learning, Interactive Installation, Co-Design


In the last decade, the use of technology in learning environments has impressively increased. Moreover, children are daily exposed to technology even though there is not a wide offer of these advanced solutions properly developed for them. Technology and learning have started to be combined, so it becomes relevant to offer to pupils solutions expressly developed for them. Some previous works of us have been developed adopting this attitude: creating interactive installations thought for learning in an amusing way. A further step consists in co-design: pupils directly involved in designing interactive installations with researchers who have developed them. Co-designing requires a proper approach. We describe here our experience in co-designing with pupils two interactive installations promoting eco-friendly behaviours. We report the ethnographic research performed underlining the weaknesses and the strengths, the difficulties and findings while co-designing with pupils.

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