Bridging Online Physical Education and Technology Assisted Physical Activity

Brian J. Kooiman and Dwayne P. Sheehan


Online Learning, Exergaming, Game Based Learning, Physical Activity, Educational Technology


Technology assisted physical activity, known as exergaming, requires participants to more-or-less become a part of a video game by engaging in it physically. Researchers have investigated exergames for their ability to affect positive physical, cognitive, social and emotional changes in the participants in classroom and lab settings. To date, little if anything is known about the effect of an exergame when played remotely over the internet. The ability of the gaming systems to connect over the internet for head-to-head competitive or cooperative play may place exergames at the forefront of the search for the social and emotional curricular pieces which can be used in online physical education (OLPE) courses. Empirical evidence into the efficacy of using exergames in secondary OLPE curricula could help to provide much needed information as to whether exergames might be considered best practice. This paper previews a recently completed research study that can shed some light on this important question.

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