AR Book as Immersive Reading Tool for Allowing the Reader to be Part of the Story

Engie Ruge-Vera and Álvaro Uribe-Quevedo


Augmented Reality, Education, Interactive Storytelling


Reading is one of the most important skills children develop for acquiring new knowledge and enhancing thinking and memory. Current technologic advances are changing how people interact with books, the availability of computing devices in the form of laptops, smartphones and tablets allow enriched reading experiences through transmedia interactive content. Traditionally, book immersion was accomplished using figures and the reader’s imagination, and their interactivity came with popup books that attracted attention by offering movable 3D objects. Currently, electronic books offer more immersive and interactive form of reading through multimedia content. In terms of immersion augmented reality offers spatial navigation of contents similar to real life environments. The importance of 3D as a tool for offering more information about a specific scenario has been taken place in reading documents, such as interactive PDFs, Apple iBooks, and augmented reality booklets used in training, maintenance, education and games. The goal of this project is to develop an augmented reality book that allows a young reader to navigate the story and shape its development through choices represented by augmented virtual animation over a booklet containing fragments of the story.

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